What do most landscapers charge per hour?

Residential landscaping Atlanta is a specialty that requires knowledge of plant species, soil conditions and other factors that influence the growth of plants and trees. It also includes the ability to create a landscape design that can add value to a home. Landscapers can also create a space that is perfect for entertaining or relaxing. They can also help with lawn maintenance and yard cleanup. They can perform a variety of tasks, including trimming and mulching, pruning, watering, weeding, fertilization and insect control.

The terms landscaper and gardener are often used interchangeably, but a professional in the field is referred to as a landscape contractor or designer. These professionals are registered or licensed with the state and have extensive experience modifying an existing landscape or installing new landscaping features. Landscape contractors can work on a variety of projects, including lawn maintenance and installation, yard cleanups, tree trimming and installing outdoor lighting. Some have specialized training in creating gardens that incorporate the use of sustainable and organic gardening methods.

Most landscaping contractors in the Atlanta area focus on maintaining or enhancing the appearance of commercial and residential properties. They offer services that include mowing, trimming and edging, mulching, insect and weed control, tree and shrub trimming, and chemical lawn care. They may also install irrigation systems. Some also provide outdoor kitchens and fire pits.

Many homeowners want to transform their yards into beautiful green spaces that reflect their personalities. They might choose a design that reflects a specific style or period, such as Victorian or Asian, or one that is more modern or tropical. Others might want a sustainable garden that saves water and creates a natural habitat for wildlife. Whatever the design, they should communicate their preferences to the landscapers.

Some of the companies that provide Residential landscaping Atlanta include Gibbs Landscaping Co., Weaver Landscape, Southern Landscape Designs and Lawn Capital. Gibbs Landscaping, founded in 58 years ago, serves property owners in the metropolitan area. The company works on ground cover plantings, rock and gravel beds, shrubs and trees, and flower beds. It also provides lawn maintenance programs such as spring or fall aeration, weekly weeding, and lawn mowing procedures. Weaver Landscape specializes in providing residential and commercial properties with customized landscapes and hardscapes. The company is based in Decatur, Georgia. Its clients include private residences, HOAs and business parks.

Brandy Hall is an advocate of permaculture, a gardening method that uses the principles of nature to create self-sustaining ecosystems. She has designed environmentally friendly gardens that need less water and fewer chemicals, and she has created everything from an organic fruit orchard to a beer-yeast brewery for Monday Night Brewing. She recently worked on Sarahs’ Garden, a respite garden for caregivers of dementia patients at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Buckhead. She is also designing the grounds of a tiny home enclave in Clarkston. She is 93 and fighting cancer, but she hasn’t let it slow her down.